Cheap Eats in Vancouver

Strangely enough, I often found it cheaper to eat out rather than doing my own food shop while living in Vancouver. Groceries can be pretty expensive (don’t get me started on cheese prices) so here are a few recommendations for cheap and, most importantly, tasty eats in Vancouver. The Dime Granville  With a $5.95 menu … More Cheap Eats in Vancouver


The Lighthouse Park

Perfect anytime of the year The Lighthouse Park is a beautiful set of trails located in West Vancouver. From downtown Vancouver you take the Sea to Sky Highway, or Highway 99, which provides beautiful views of mainland Vancouver across the water.  The park is full of hiking trails (all well-groomed) that lead you into lush … More The Lighthouse Park

New to Vancouver?

Tips for your first few days in Vancouver The first few days in a new city can be daunting. While there are a ton of exciting things you’ll want to do and see, you also have to think about all the boring, sensible things. Here is my list of all the important things I could … More New to Vancouver?

Can-do Canoeing

During my time in Vancouver I had my own ‘Vancouver Bucket List’ full of mainly outdoor activities. On the list was Widgeon Falls, a hike that is accessed via water trail only – seems like a good idea for someone who isn’t particularly keen on water. As challenging as the canoe part is, it was … More Can-do Canoeing