Seven Sisters Walk

I finally ticked them off my list, the Seven Sisters Cliffs in Sussex. (Note, very very different to seven sisters in London and not to be confused).

With lockdown easing in the UK, we were desperate to get out of London for a change of scenery. For that reason, we opted to stay overnight in Eastbourne but you can do Seven Sisters as a day trip from London. However, it is a long day and tiring, so keep that in mind.

After some bus issues (I didn’t plan properly) we grabbed a taxi to Seaford and were dropped off at South Hill Barn. From here it’s a short walk to Cuckmere Haven, where you have the full view of the seven sisters in all their glory.

Cuckmere Haven

From here you climb up the first cliff and believe me, it was a lot steeper than we expected! I’m funny with heights so I basically crawled up the cliff but most people were fine and upright. Once you reach the top, you’re on the seven sisters so it’s just a case of taking your time to walk up and down each one, taking in the stunning views as you go.

Looking down on Cuckmere Haven

By the way, Cuckmere Haven along with Birling Gap and Eastbourne are all pebble beaches unfortunately!

What a view
We stopped to have some snack and refuel!

After about the fourth cliff, we noticed the next one looked pretty steep and our legs were tired so decided to stop and refuel. We’re glad we did as the final couple were probably the hardest, in our opinion. In distance you’ll spot a building and a small beach, this is Birling Gap, which has a cafe, toilets and beach to break up the walk.

It was over 30 degrees on the day we did this walk, unheard of for England! We preplanned and wore swimming gear so we could jump in the sea at Birling Gap, I think this was the highlight of the day for me! Freezing water to cool off after 3 or so hours of walking in boiling heat, just what we needed.

From here, you can continue on to Beachy Head, where you’ll see the Lighthouse. Then, it’s the home stretch to Eastbourne.

Looking back over Birling Gap

Unfortunately we totally underestimated how intense the walk would be and how long it would take, so we didn’t have time to finish it. We ended up getting a taxi from Belle Tout Lighthouse (which is now a hotel) back to Eastbourne, just in time for dinner!

If you’re thinking of heading to Seven Sisters, then do it! It’s gorgeous and a great workout. We couldn’t decide where was best to start but we’re glad we picked Seaford as the views were amazing.

If you are planning to visit, my top tips would be:

  • Bring plenty of water and snacks
  • Wear the right footwear (lots of people on sandals but I wouldn’t recommend)
  • Plan your route! We let ourselves down by not planning our start/end points properly and had to get taxis, not the end of the world but if you are on a budget then not ideal.

And lastly, you don’t have to get the train straight home. If the weather is nice, Eastbourne beach is perfect for a lazy day and a lot quieter than Brighton!

Eastbourne beach front

Thanks for reading, I hope you found it useful!

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