Bruges in a Day (from Brussels)

With Eurostar offering return trips to Brussels for under £60 it would be rude not to visit. So we decided on a pre-Christmas long weekend.

We stayed in Brussels but Bruges was gorgeous and I think there’s more to see! We took the train to Bruges, which takes just over an hour from Brussels Central station and they leave every 15 minutes roughly. As we went over the weekend we were able to purchase a weekend pass so the return journey only cost €15. The weekend pass is valid from 7pm Friday until Sunday.

What to do in Bruges

A boat tour around the town. There are a few different companies offering these tours, we paid €10 each for a 30 minute tour and this seemed the standard price. For me this was a ‘must do’ in Bruges and I would highly recommend as it’s a beautiful way to see the town.

Climb Belford Tower. Just off central plaza you’ll find Belford Tower, which is very famous in Bruges. For a fee you can climb to the top for a stunning view of the city. We decided against this as we were running out of time and preferred the boat ride, but if you get a chance climb it.

Visit Central Plaza. Like Brussels, Bruges has a beautiful central square filled with stunning buildings, shops and restaurants. Over the Christmas period there’s also a giant Christmas Market in the middle of the square. Unfortunately we went the second weekend in November and it was too early for the markets, they were being set up for the following weekend.

Cross lovers bridge (and don’t forget to kiss!). Bruges has many bridges but if you’re there with your other half then give this little gem a visit.

Eat a waffle, obviously? I’m a chocolate lover but after indulging in a few too many in Brussels I switched it up and went for a waffle. There are lots of waffles shops in Bruges to pick from, we went for a DIY topping option. It was delicious of course and so filling that we didn’t need dinner!

These are my top tips for Bruges but I’d also say just wander around and take it all in, it’s beautiful. Enjoy Bruges! x

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