When in Rome

Three food ‘musts’ when in Rome

Pizza, of course! While Naples is the home of pizza, no trip to Italy would be complete without it. We got lucky and discovered that our Airbnb host actually ran a restaurant right next door which did fantastic food. When we stopped by to pick up our keys we saw the tiny little restaurant packed with locals, which is always a good sign!

Our host told us to drop off our bags and then head back for some food. Thank god we did – the pizza was unreal and the red wine was delicious, and cheap! (Less than 12euro for potentially one of the nicest reds I’ve had). Finished off with a free glass of bubbles to welcome us to the city. If you’re near by then I would recommend searching for this place as it’s worth a visit!

Ristorante pizzeria il nipotino. Visit if you can!

Gelato, it’s a no brainer! What would a trip to Italy be without gelato? Rubbish in my opinion. There are tons of places to stop and grab a gelato or affogato, if you prefer. Of course, I made it my duty to try numerous gelato shops and flavours and I think Grom was my favourite.

Grom is a small gelato shop just off piazza Navona (which is worth a visit in it’s own right) which sells lots of interesting flavours. They also sell a warm gelato sandwich that I just had to try. It worked SO well! A cake-like bun which is circular, they add in a nice big scoop of your desired gelato and then warm it up. Oh.my.god. I instantly wanted another. If you’re nearby then you just have to try one!

Aperol, duh! Ok, so not quite food but still very important for a trip to Italy. I love an Aperol Spritz so it really would be rude not to have one (or a few) when visiting Rome.

We used our last day to explore Trastevere, which is a really cool neighbourhood in Rome. Lots of cool little bars and small streets. We stopped at Mimi & Coco for a couple of spritz’s and sat outside to people watch. They even brought out free bruschetta with our drinks, which was super tasty. This little spot is worth a stop to have a drink and watch the world go by.

I love Rome and the recommendations for good food and drink are endless but I hope these three give you some inspiration! Here’s to Rome xx

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