Solo Travelling

Solo trip to New York City September 2018

Going it alone

Last year I took my first every solo trip. I went to Valencia for a long weekend all myself and I loved every minute of it, but why was the build up to the trip so daunting? The funny thing is, before I went away I was nervous to travel alone yet a year or so earlier I moved half way across the world on my own and this didn’t seem scary it was an adventure!

Be prepared

Personally, I find travelling alone much easier and less daunting if I have planned it well. I like to have my route from the airport to the hotel planned, itinerary for the days planned and so on. I know some people may not like to travel in this style and be much more spontaneous but when on my own I prefer to plan.

Meet like-minded people

I mainly try to stay in hostels as they are great a place to meet people. Most hostels will also run a number of daytime and evening activities. When in Valencia I went along to the free city walking tour and met a bunch of people staying in the neighbouring hostels. Many people on the tour were also travelling alone and open to meeting new people. A bunch of us ended up going out for a meal and lots of wine!

Just have fun with it!

Honestly, the thought of travelling alone is scarier than actually doing it. It’s an amazing experience and I really enjoyed being able to see a city on my terms and enjoy some alone time when I wanted. You’ll be surprised at how friendly people are when you’re open to it so if you’re thinking of making that trip alone…go for it!!

Solo trip to Valencia July 2018

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