The Lighthouse Park

Perfect anytime of the year

The Lighthouse Park is a beautiful set of trails located in West Vancouver. From downtown Vancouver you take the Sea to Sky Highway, or Highway 99, which provides beautiful views of mainland Vancouver across the water. 

The park is full of hiking trails (all well-groomed) that lead you into lush rainforest or down to the breathtaking shoreline, where you can find the Lighthouse. There is a range of different trails, with various levels of difficulty, however based on other trails I’ve done in Vancouver I would say they lean towards more of a beginners level.

For those of you who are nature lovers, here you can find West Vancouver’s last standing first growth Douglas Fir trees – some of which are estimated to be 500 years old! Blimey.

We headed towards the coastline to see the Lighthouse, then followed the trail along the coast and took a break on the rocks, overlooking the city. The photos really don’t do this beautiful view justice.

Good news, the Lighthouse Park is open year-round and is dog friendly! I’d say it’s the perfect spot for a sunny, crisp, autumn day. Take a picnic and enjoy the views.


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